Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Return to Lausanne ...what fun

With so much happening in the UK I had imposed a travel ban on myself for July through to August. Then I was asked to run the new High Performing Teams (HPT) workshop in early July by my special client Purina, and tried to get  Jerry to run the workshop but unfortunately he was on a golfing week in Devon. So I broke my ban and and headed for Lausanne.

What a fabulous week it was! The team I was working with are great, and Patricia their leader is excellent, so guess what? They scored the highest scores on the new HPT survey so far!!!!! In a number of critical areas they scored in the 90% what an achievement, and you realise what makes them such a good team is that they are not satisfied with their score .... they want to get into the purple zone!

I managed to catch up with an old buddy Andy, as we are designing a special programme for HR that if it pleases the powers that be, should find itself in the international training offer next year. Andy and I have long believed that if HR are to become partners to the business, then they need to be developed to add real value to the teams that they support. They need to be able to coach on a one to one basis, but also to be able to coach/facilitate the team. In Purina we proved it time and again that give HR the right tools and skills and they do a super job, and in the process earn the respect and trust of their teams.

Then I received an invite from Jackz to join the Starfish guys for dinner, together with a group of Inspirational Leadership delegates on a part 2 and that was fabulous catching up with old friends. They were all looking so well and Jackz is on top of the world, I think life with the Imagineers suites her.

I ended the week spending half a day with a super person who I will be coaching over the months ahead - great start and I believe magic will be happening later this year!!

So ended a wonderful week in Lausanne.

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