Monday, 22 July 2013

Getting a good nights sleep

We are in the middle of a heatwave and after 26 years of living in England my ability to thrive in tropical weather has all but gone and I do find it tough going. Somehow heading off to South Africa or the Caribbean to enjoy these temperatures is superb but experiencing them at home doesn't seem to work out.

This brings me to my subject of getting a good nights sleep to recharge your energy banks. Right now I am feeling the lack of a good nights restful sleep and the consequences of low energy and its not a good feeling. I don't sleep long but I am a good sleeper and learned many years ago how to shut down my mind.

So ignoring the very short term effect of the hot weather if you are a poor sleeper what can you do to improve on your sleep patterns.

  1. Learn to shut down your work day so that you don't carry all the unfinished tasks and problems in your mind
  2. Get some relaxation in before bed time have a hot tub or warm bath to just relax your whole body
  3. Exercise during the day but not within an hour of going to sleep
  4. Avoid falling asleep in front of the TV
  5. If you are tired during the day have a power nap of no more than 15 minutes
  6. Keep cool
  7. Limit your caffeine intake
  8. Have a light evening meal
  9. Limit the distractions in your bedroom and make the main focus on sleep
  10. Understand your sleep patterns and here you could try out a gadget