Monday, 25 July 2011

Using mind maps for presentations

Many years ago I discovered mind maps through buying a number of books and videos for our open learning centre. It sounded quite interesting but I never got into it until I saw someone using the technique in real life. I was attending a conference and notice the lady sitting beside me had an A5 notebook and she created a mind map for each speaker. So I asked her about mind mapping and she said that some years back, as a whole team, they had decided  that they would all try mind mapping for 3 months. The end result was that they all benefited so much from the system that they adopted it permanently. She then illustrated the value of the system by sharing her mind maps of the speakers of the day and it was a mind blowing experience for me.

So I adopted mind mapping and have used it ever since, so when I have to do a presentation the first thing I do is prepare a mind map. I find that it really works for me and even used the technique to prepare my speech for my daughters wedding.

How do you do mind maps? The best person to explain is the inventor Tony Buzan.

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