Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Coaching for Everyday Leaders

What a F A B U L O U S Easter here in the UK. We also had a brilliant lead up to Easter with warm sunny weather and we have now quite got used to eating all our meals outdoors. It will no doubt change by Friday with the Royal Wedding!

Never mind - inspired by the weather we decided to use the 'Sunflower' app for the 'Coaching for Everyday Leaders' training that we ran for the team at Canine Partners. As part of the preparation for the workshop they used the Sunflower to provide an overview of the areas of their work and life that they were investing their time and energy, identifying all the positives and negatives.

We started the workshop by taking participants through the theory of our coaching model. We believe you learn how to coach by doing it, so we kept the theory down to as little as possible, as much as necessary. In fact the entire theory is contained on a single laminated card - what could be simpler than that!

We had a great day together and everyone had the opportunity to coach and be coached on their Sunflower and they really 'got it' which was very rewarding. They are a very caring group of people who you know will go on to become very good coaches. It will just take time and continued support which they will get through our Everyday Leader programme.