Friday, 10 June 2011

High Performing Teams

We had a great day last week when we took the managers of Canine Partners through our High Performing Teams workshop. They are a good team with a good leader, so we didn't expect too many shocks when we got them to complete our High Performing Teams survey as part of preparation for the workshop.

We decided as part of the workshop to introduce them to the support matrix (thanks John & Rich for the tool) which is always such an eye opener as they identify where they are as a team and where they want to be. When Jerry and I were at Purina this was so well referred to that if you wanted to get some tough feedback you would ask someone to give you the 'loving boot'.

The new High Performing Team models has a number of bells and whistles but funtamentally comes back to the following. A good team needs to know 'why' they exist, 'what' they have to do, and 'want' do do it, plus have the 'energy' to get the job done.

No surprises that the highest ranked area was ENERGY, as they all believe passionately in what they are doing. They are a real example for other teams around particularly in the UK where they are struggling to implement cuts in government spending and where morale must be at an all time low. Here is a charity that does an amazing job without any government funding, they have to work very hard to get their funding but no matter what the challenges are they still get on and do it.

What a pleasure to be helping them to become an even better team.

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