Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Growing-Leaders kicks off

We had a really interesting day yesterday as we kicked off the 1st pilot of Growing-Leaders our new leadership programme. This programme has the following attributes:-

  • Aimed at middle management who are so often the neglected majority who are so vital to any organisation. 
  • Designed for generation X and Y which means they can complete assignments using video, podcasts or whatever works best for them.
  • A 3 to 4 month programme where participants earn the Certificate in Management and Leadership.
  • This is a blended learning programme which includes 3 one day workshops. The Induction gets the group motivated to learn, setting up learning sets of six people each with their own coach. Next comes the Know Yourself where they receive the results of their 360 survey, and finally comes the Celebration when they receive their certificates and plan their next steps.
  • The programme is designed to be run within organisations, and part of our 'preparing the ground' will be to train a programme Mentor, plus get the senior management teams fully on board and supporting the participants.
  • The whole programme is run through a Virtual Learning Environment that gives the learner access to a variety of learning materials, their learning blog, online access to their coach, plus keeps the learning set connected.
  • They say only 15% of a traditional training course ever gets implemented into everyday actions and behaviours. I'm pleased to say the G-L programme requires 100% of what people learn to be implemented - in fact via their blog/eportfolio they have to prove that they have done so!!!
  • Plus they get access to the amazing resources of the CMI ... have a look for yourself!
 Personally I think we are developing one amazing programme here and I can't wait to get the pilots over and to get selling!!

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