Thursday, 4 August 2016

Brexit Rocks!

In the recent EU referendum I voted remain for a number of reasons:-

  • I like being part of Europe and have lots of European friends and colleagues. Before I retired I worked for a European region of a global business and it was great to always feel part of something bigger.
  • I also believed it would be a financial catastrophe to lose our premier status within the EU, especially as a retiree looking to ensure our investments continue to grow.
  • I also looked at Boris and Gove and there was no way I would back either one as leader of our country!
I went to bed thinking the floating 10% of voters would, because they were unsure, vote to remain. Sad to thinking that the tipping point to leave may well have come from people that voted leave as a protest against the establishment!

So now it's Brexit and we know Brexit means Brexit. 

I find it hard to see the meaningful positives coming out of 'taking back control', although as much as I love the Europeans, I certainly despise anything to do with the EU administration. The unelected officials who seemed to have so much power over our lives. Also the sheer waste, excessive remuneration packages, unaudited accounts. All those pigs feeding off the trough of our toils .... BARSTARDS!

Hey I'm starting to warm to Brexit.

Now thank goodness we have a down to earth woman as prime minister and all the silly little public schoolboys have gone. I think the government appears to be made up of people who take politics and running the country seriously. It seems as if there really will be a focus on ordinary hard working people, rather than primarily benefiting the privileged few. Plus Gove, and possibly Boris has been stitched up. 

Hey Brexit Rocks!!!!!

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