Monday, 1 August 2016

Awesome leaders - Michelle Obama

With the American presidential elections confusing the hell out of the world, there is one leader that has stood out for me. Sadly she has not put herself up for the election, she probably has better things to do with her life. Michelle Obama, what an amazing leader she is and an example to all.

Forbes summed up her leadership qualities as:-

How does Mrs. Obama exemplify great leadership skills? Consider the following takeaways when seeking managerial success:

Self-respect and respect for others

It’s very easy to forget to respect others, especially in our current political landscape. But without recognising and respecting the opinions of others, a leader isn’t leading; they’re dictating. Similarly, without self-respect, giving respect to others is quite difficult. In everything Michelle Obama has done, she has always held a high level of self-respect and respect for others, and that’s something all leaders should uphold.

Relatable to employees

In her recent speech, Michelle Obama talked about her personal life, her first date with her husband, and her hopes for her daughters. Her personal story has resonated with women across the country and empowered African American women to knock down stereotypes. Much of this happened because she has been a continuously relatable figure.

She’s not the first to convey personal anecdotes during speeches, obviously. In fact, it’s commonly seen in a First Lady’s speech. But the takeaway is the same: a leader who is relatable to his or her employees will connect easier with them, provide better feedback, and foster a more effective personal relationship.

Effective communicator

Effective leaders not only speak confidently and clearly, but also with a sense of conviction that will move who they are speaking to into action. Michelle Obama has continuously rallied women across the country in areas like women’s rights, voting, and finding balance between professions and motherhood.

Effective communication is not just about being clear and persuasive. It’s also about being open and available. Without having an open door, employees will feel restricted in their own conversations with you.

Honest and dedicated

Great leaders are honest about their policies and expectations and their areas of expertise and downfalls. In particular, an important leadership skill is knowing when to admit you’re wrong or that you don’t know. In fact, the best leaders not only don’t know everything, but they don’t claim to. However, holding honesty and dedication to their work is what is most effective.

Michelle Obama has been honest and dedicated in many areas during her husband’s presidency. In particular, her dedication to solving childhood obesity and supporting military families has been part of what makes her a great leader.

Inspiring and motivational

Take a look back on your life; who inspired you the most? Whether it’s a teacher, co-worker, or family member, they likely had at least this quality which made an impact on you. A leader who is inspirational and motivational is a powerful leader. Similar to Michelle Obama seeming like one of the rest of us, her personal story also evokes inspiration and motivation in women.

To me this video summarises what a great lady she is!

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