Friday, 6 May 2016

Team Coach - learning graphic facilitation

I'm busy developing a Team Coach - growing high performing teams programme and one of the key skills they will learn is the ability to run highly interactive workshops. In this crazy digital world that we live in, there is a compelling need to get people away from their screens and reconnecting with paper, pens and real live people!!! 

Participants will, regardless of their ability to draw, learn how to use graphic facilitation techniques. They will learn how to get rid of the stodgy boardroom meeting format and create a magical, colourful and fun environment, where great ideas blossom and grow. 

I was very lucky to have been taught graphic facilitation by the master David Sibbet on his first visit to the UK and have continued to use the techniques for over 15 years. To say it works is an understatement as it ROCKS!!! When you use these techniques with the high performing team programme you actually witness teams transform from plodders to vibrant, exciting performers.

To give you a better idea of the visual meeting approach of High Performing Teams, please watch this short David Sibbet video.

Less elegant than the master, but done with love and passion and with an exciting outcome.

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