Thursday, 5 May 2016

How did Leicester City win the Premier League?

I'm not a football fan but you couldn't avoid the success of this little club against against the giants of the Premier League.

How did they do it????

Leicester City have completed one of the most remarkable stories in the history of English football by winning the Premier League title. Written off as relegation candidates at the start of the season, when the bookmakers made Leicester 5,000-1 outsiders to be crowned champions, they secured the first top-flight title in the club’s history after Tottenham were unable to beat Chelsea on Monday night. 

I went on to Google to see if I could get answers and discovered the following.

  • Employing Italian Ranieri a charming, extremely passionate and knowledgeable manager
  • The blessing of a Thai monk may seem a bit quirky but appeals to the emotions 
  • Great talent scouting, uncovering rough diamonds that could be developed to meet their full potential
  • Seeing the talent in those that had been rejected by the big guns and giving them a chance to succeed (at last someone belive in me!)
  • Getting tactics right and winning early in the season
  • Ranieri has that warm, infectious personality and brought humour and light to Leicester, privately as well as publicly, occasionally mixing up his words with comical consequences and, in true Ranieri fashion 
  • Success brought greater team spirit and determination, as well as the individual talent, was shining through and, in many people’s eyes, inspiring Ranieri every bit as much as his players
The more I read, the more I picked up on happiness, fun and laughter, warmth and emotion. Great team work, belief in one another, caring and nurturing. It aligned very much with what I have witnessed working with business teams where success comes from 'feelings and emotions'. Where the manager, leader or coach has a high level of emotional intelligence and can understand the emotions of their people and excite them about a better future. 

Our High Performing Team programme is very much about getting teams to develop this emotional bond and it can be summed up by the following image.

Well done Leicester!

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