Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The 10 Key Skills

As part of the High Performing Teams programme I will be developing coaching modules that can be used as part of the Know and Grow Our Skills workshop. 

The skills I will be focusing on will be:-

  1. Managing Conflict - being able to deal effectively with day to day, work place challenges.
  2. Communicating with Impact - able to deliver compelling messages to people in whatever format used.
  3. Influencing Others - able to win the hearts and minds of people through skilled strategies and skills
  4. Managing People - able to get the best out of individuals and teams.
  5. Personal Effectively - able to manage time, focus on what really matters and deliver maximum value.
  6. Problem Solving - able to break problems down into their component parts and implement lasting solutions.
  7. Decision Making - able to weigh up all the criteria and make the best solution with the minimum of time delay.
  8. Emotional Intelligence - able to understand the emotional impact of own behaviours and 
  9. Performance Coaching - able to coach the best from others by skilled use of  the key coaching skills and the ciaching toolbox.
  10. Facilitation Skills - able to use the skills and tools of facilitation to get the best from teams and groups.

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