Thursday, 10 March 2016

Investing in work teams

Everyone gets if you want to succeed, then you need to invest in sports teams . Sports teams have skills coaches, psychologists, health and fitness experts and everything is geared up to improve performance.

In the case of work teams, generally so little is done to develop the team performance. Team building events, as much fun as they are, really do not directly impact on the performance of the team.

I was very lucky to have spent 22 years working for Nestlé Purina, a company that did get it. We created a team development programme, which I continued to develop when I left and set up Release the Magic.

Celebrating my first five years in business, I have renovated and invigorated the High Performing Team Programme and started to roll out the new version from the beginning of 2016.

This year we will be able to offer the following programmes where we provide the team coaches:

  • High performing team kick off workshop
  • Performance Coaching for Teams
  • Working Simpler, Smarter and Quicker as a team
In addition we will be offering programmes to empower other people to run our programmes:
  • High Performing Team Coach
  • Team Leader - developing high performing teams
If you want to find out more, please watch this 10 minute video. Thanks!


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