Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The confidence of youth

On today's flight to Cologne I started reading Ken Robinson's book 'The Element How finding your passion changes everything'. First of all I love his opening story...

An elementary school teacher was giving a drawing class to a group of six year old children. At the back of the class sat a little girl who normally didn't pay much attention in school. In the drawing class she did. For more than 20 minutes, the girl sat with her arms curled around her paper, totally absorbed in what she was doing. The teacher found this fascinating. Eventually she asked the girl what she was drawing. Without looking up, the girl said "I'm drawing a picture of God." Surprised, the teacher said "But nobody knows what God looks like."

The girls said, "They will in a minute."

How confident children are in their own imaginations, and yet somehow education and work tends to condition too many people not to have confidence and as a result never connecting with their true talents.

This is so true as we find in our coaching that mostly we are helping people to believe in themselves and to have the confidence to do what they really want to do.



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