Wednesday, 12 September 2012

High Performing Team

Last week I was helping to facilitate a Purina conference of 100 people from central Europe and it was a real pleasure to be there. I met up with so many people who had come through our leadership and high performing teams programmes - wonderful being reunited with old friends.

There were many superb presentations and fun activities during the conference, but the one that brought tears of joy to my eyes was by the young HR team on how they had run the 'High Performing Teams' programme across the German market. I felt so proud of them as they had done such a great job and judging from how many people in the audience had attended, had made a real impact on the organisation.

The conference very kindly acknowledged me as the 'father' of HPT, but although I provided the initial passion it was only through the collective contributions of all involved that it developed into such a great programme. We continue to run High Performing Teams as a fairly unique programme, but it made me think back to how it evolved.

  • People attending our Inspirational Leadership programme had benefitted from such amazing support and comraderie that they asked me if I could create a programme that they could run with their teams.
  • Looking externally I couldn't find a programme so decided to create our own. There were lots of team building offers, but no structured programme.
  • The HPT workshop is run over two days, with day 1 focussed on 'the way we are' and day 2 on 'the way we want to be'. It includes a team 360 feedback, and a step by step approach that gets team members opening up and sharing in a way they have never done before.
  • Very important to note is the programme also helps to deal with the 'smelly fish' or tackle the 'elephant in the room' because a team can't move forward if they don't deal with the issues.
  • Sustainability was a key part of the programme and we tackled this in a couple of ways. We trained all our HR Business Partners and Trainers to be able to run the programme, and they in turn trained others to do the same. Plus we continued to develop the programme, sharing our experiences, so that at the time I left at the end of 2009 we had evolved to version 12!
What made me feel so proud of the German HR team was to see their passion for their HPT programme. My little legacy was to create the vehicle to enable them to release the magic in others, and WOW are they doing an amazing job!!!


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