Thursday, 3 March 2011

The training course is dead ... long live the Magic Learning Programme

We have had a wonderful first year as a business and it has given us a real opportunity to explore new ideas. Knowing that our carry over business from Nestlé Purina was going to run out in late 2010, and that the tough economic climate in the UK was going to make it difficult to attract new business! We made the decision last year to start the development of exciting new action learning programmes for 2011 and beyond.

The key selling points of these programmes had to offer the following:-

  • Be highly flexible so that we could fit a solution to any clients needs and budget.
  • Deliver real measurable benefits to the organisation.
  • Accelerate learning and offer a very high % conversion of learning into everyday use.
For this we developed our L.E.A.P. methodology as a core enabler within all of our programmes.  Learn, Experiment, Apply and then Prove It - and receive coaching support throughout.

This puts coaching at the heart of the programme and provides a 4 step process that makes sure the learning is actually put into every day actions and behaviours.

So as of now we have stopped running one off training courses and workshops, and to be quite honest with you they do not deliver real benefits to our clients. Sure they are a lot easier to run, they tick the personal development box and they are a great revenue earner for us, BUT only 15 to 20% of what is learned in the classroom ever get's implemented into real life. Think back on the last training course you attended? I'm sure you left with  a page full of actions and great intentions, but did you deliver??? Don't worry, no need to apologise ... you are not alone!

So we are going to change that ... do less and do it better!

So for us the training course is dead  - long live the Magic Learning Programme!

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