Tuesday, 22 March 2011

G.R.O.W. my team

Often team leaders look to team building events to sort out team issues and get everyone motivated and pulling together. Sadly quite often these well intentioned actions only serve to paper over the cracks and fail to deal with the real problems and issues that tend to hold back team performance. Teams go through various stages as can be seen in the graphic. 

It is not unusual for teams to be dysfunctional, and if that conjures up images of infighting and bloodletting in the boardroom - you are not necessarily right. In many cases they are well mannered, polite ‘teams’ that just do not deal with the conflicts and key issues and this holds back their performance. If they want to progress they will need help to get the ‘smelly fish’ (deal with the elephant in the room) out in the open and for people to start talking about real issues. Then they stand a good chance of moving to a functional team as team members start to pull in the same direction and with time moving on to performing and high performing. 

Our new GROW my team programme gets to the heart of the issues and the team is guided, with the support of individual and team coaching, on a path to high performance. This is an accelerated learning programme for teams that links learning to real life in a rapid and lasting way.

It is not a quick fix, but it does deliver some immediate benefits and considerable benefits over time.
What GROW my team offers is a structured approach based on our High Performing Teams model that we have developed based on many years of working with and coaching teams. Coaching a team was no blinding flash of genius but something that evolved over the year.

First of all we find out what you want to achieve with your team – we get you to define your goals. We also get an understanding of the background, drivers and constraints e.g. budget / geographic location.

Then we conduct an assessment of your team against our High Performing Teams model. This involves Team Members and Key Stakeholders completing an on-line survey, and together with follow up telephone interviews with key people. 

From this information we produce a report together with recommendations. The options we put forward will be a mixture of things you can do yourselves and areas where we can help you. We look to develop long term relationship with our clients so will always look for cost effective win-win solutions.

Assuming you decide to give us the go ahead, our recommendation will be that we take time to help you grow your team and we favour spreading the programme over 12 months. This allows learning to be slowly embedded and it gives enough time for the reassessment survey and to measure against your KPIs to highlight the gains that have been made. 

If this sounds interesting then get in touch and let's talk things through.

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