Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Team Coach - an HR Business Partner development programme

As with all good things, we stumbled upon the role of the Team Coach. We were running a superb inspirational leadership programme and out of that we developed a High Performing Team programme (HPT) and needed resources to be able to cascade HPT. I would run HPT at a board/management committee level, but then each member of that team wanted to run the workshop with their teams.

To rise to this challenge we developed a great win-win solution, an HR Business Partner development programme:
  • Inspirational leadership Programme (ILP)- all senior managers were attending our inspirational leadership programme, so what better way to prepare HR to support these managers when they returned to work, than get them to experience the same life changing programme. So we ran ILP for HR and it was amazing to see how they too transformed.
  • Coaching - we then taught our HR team to be able to coach the teams that they supported.
  • Facilitating - we created a train the trainer workshop and taught our HR team how to run the HPT workshop.
As a small European region (5,000 people) of a giant multinational we had created an enviable capability that gave outsiders the impression that we had a huge training department! What we did have was a few passionate internal trainers working with an outstanding external training company and a wonderful team of willing HR Business Partners, plus line managers who were prepared to give up their own time to release the magic in others.

That was then, now many years later I am developing a Team Coach programme, an HR Business Partner development programme and all I can tell you at this stage, is that I know it will be ....

                                         A M A Z I N G ! 

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