Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Aim High v1

I contacted Jo in Canada today to find out what we put into the Aim High programme we ran for 6th formers and this is what she remembered.

"I remember it well... maybe not the exact order though...

1) Problem Solving: we covered a few TQ tools like mindmapping,  forcefield analysis, pareto principle, etc.

2) Assertiveness: this was extracted from a program that Wendy was a trainer on, if I remember correctly - we got permission from the author to use it in an abbreviated form. Assertion vs aggression. Getting to win-win.  Rights, needs, wants.

3) Negotiation Skills: building from the assertiveness, I think we did role plays here, setting scenarios, and offering feedback...? Can't remember the content though....

4) Presentation Skills: we used mindmapping to help them plan their content. Body language & getting the message across. Grounding techniques. Feedback principles.

5) Wrap-up was that unforgettable team presentation/skit where they had to incorporate as many of the things they'd learned over the 2 days into a short summary in the style of their choosing  :)

We prepared A5 workbooks for them too that were really great."

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