Wednesday, 8 July 2015

From a feeling of hopelessness to hopefulness

I am busy running our 'Coaching with Emotional Intelligence' programme with two clients at the moment and teaching them how to use the key tools of the programme. All the tools are important but there are three that I think are the most helpful.

In our coaching work we come across so many people that are overwhelmed by modern work. Too many meetings, never ending emails, less people but doing more work. Its little wonder that many people have a feeling of hopelessness! We have developed tools that take coachees from this feeling of hopelessness to a feeling of hopefulness.

The tools take you from the Forest, to the Tree and finally to the Roots. The first tool is The Coaching Wheel which is very simple to use and provides an incredibly powerful and insightful overview of the coachees work and life. The video below describes how you can prepare your Coaching Wheel in preparation for a coaching session.

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