Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Finally I'm on the cloud

One of the biggest shocks when you leave corporate life is when you realise that no one is automatically backing up your computers. So you set up a routine to do this to an external hard drive, but being human you end up slipping up from time to time. A few months back I had my desktop suddenly go blue screen on me and die and was just incredibly lucky that I had backed up everything the day before.

So in my case backing up has tended to be a hit or miss affair. Finally last week I plucked up the courage to install a cloud drive. I have used one.com, a Danish company, for my web site and been very happy with them. What I like is that if I have a problem I can get into a live chat with a human being, and not have to suffer a support menu of generic solutions. So filled with confidence in one.com I downloaded apps onto my desktop, laptop and iPad, selected all my current folders and just let it get on with it. Two days and 16gb later I am not fully backed up, and the great part is that that the future backups just happen automatically. The moment I update a file, or start a new one results in a backup to the cloud. I can now move from my desktop and have immediate access to the same files on my laptop.

A W E S O M E !


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