Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Choosing a mindfulness app

I completed the eight week 'Mindfulness for Stress' programme in 2017 and have continued to meditate ever since. I started by using the audio guidance provided by our trainer, then discovered Insight Timer which has the largest library of free guided meditation on earth. This year I confess to missing days, even weeks with my meditating and started to worry that I was on slippery slope downhill. Then a number of things happened:-

  • I have a Withings smart watch which monitors steps, heart rate and sleep. It also provides programmes to help people live healthier lives. This gave me access to a 21 day 'Meditate with Petit BamBou' and I really enjoyed sticking to a daily programme.

  • Insight Timer, which is an amazing resource, has been steadily turning 'free' into 'monetising' and I get it if you want access to great teachers you need to pay.

I realised that to continue meditating I needed to stick to a programme and pay for access. I set about researching and it was an article written in the Independant that really helped me to make a decision.It was entitled 8 Best Mindfulness Apps.

The 8 apps were:-
  1. Calm @ £35.99 per year
  2. Headspace £74.99 per year
  3. Stop Breath Think £54.99 per year
  4. 10% Happier @ £ 55.99 per year
  5. Insight Timer £55.99 per year
  6. The Mindfuness App @ £54.99 per year
  7. Buddhify £4.99 to download
  8. Smiling Mind free to download
The Independent summarised their findings. 

The verdict: mindfulness apps

If you are looking for the right mindfulness app, it’s reassuring to know that there are plenty of great options out there. Calm was our favourite due to its variety – from the calming bedtime stories, to the easy-to-follow meditations. Headspace was a close runner-up and by the far the best app for beginners. We also loved the sceptical 10% Happier for its refreshing nature, while Stop, Breathe & Think really makes you “check in” with yourself. As most of the apps are free to download, make sure you try before you buy and find one that makes your daily routine easier, not harder. 

I downloaded Calm and I am now into the 4th day of my 7 day free trial and I love it!!! I do the Daily Calm each morning when I wake up and am also doing the 7 days of Calm and I really do like the calming voice of narrator Tamara Levitt, who comes over as a great teacher. I love the pictures, colours and water and bird sounds in the background.

I know its early days but already I understand why this app tops the mindfulness app sales ...... its great!!!

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